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  • Will there be any other dogs or people in the forest while I am there?
    No. The time that you book through our online calendar is only for you and your dog(s). It is your choice if you wish to invite someone else and their dog to join you during your booked time. (You can add them to your booking). We also have a 15 minute buffer between bookings to avoid overlaps.
  • Are any other dogs or people visible or audible from Finnobi Forest?
    Most of our neighbours have dogs so you may occasionally hear them barking in the distance. Our closest neighbours have one dog, but he is generally quiet, non-reactive and never outside without his humans. Occasionally you may see the neighbours outside (more so in the winter as the leaves are not on the trees!) They will not interact with you or your dogs. Our own dogs will never be out in our yard when you are visiting.
  • Can I change, reschedule or cancel a booking?
    Yes. You can reschedule or cancel a booking up until 3 hours prior to your reservation. You can do this by clicking the green "Change/Cancel" button at the bottom of your confirmation email. If you would like to add a guest to a booking you have already made, please contact us via email, phone or text to make that change. PLEASE NOTE: - Rescheduling is free of charge. - All appointments may be canceled up to 3 hours prior to the scheduled visit time. Cancellations made within that time will be refunded, less a 5% admin fee. If an appointment is canceled less than 3 hours prior to your time, there is no refund. (Exception: during inclement winter weather). In the event of inclement winter weather, severe storms in the warmer months or poor conditions in the forest, you can reschedule your visit at any time leading up to the time of your visit. Just text, call, or email us to make the change if it is less than 6 hours from your booked time. In the event that Finnobi Forest needs to cancel your visit, we will reschedule your visit to a time that works for you. If that is not possible, we will provide a 100% refund.
  • Do you have memberships or discounts for multiple visits?
    Yes. Pre-paid packages are available. You will see the options available on our booking page. We do not have memberships at this time.
  • Is Finnobi Forest open at night?
    At this time, we do not have lighting in the Forest. Our booking schedule will be adjusted seasonally so that your visit will be during daylight hours.
  • What is provided in the forest?
    There is water available during the warmer months. We encourage you to bring your own bowl, but there is one there if you forget! Bug spray is provided seasonally. We have poop bags and a long line for anyone that may wish to use it for their dog. Everything else to provide mental and physical exercise for your dog is provided by nature!
  • How tall is the fence?
    The 1 acre area is triangular in shape. One side is a 5 ft chainlink fence. The side that goes along the field is a 5 ft welded wire fence that was installed as tightly as possible to the older farm fence (which was definitely not going to contain all sizes of dogs!). On the other side, there is a rocky escarpment that has a 4 ft welded wire fence. Due to the rocky, uneven ground it was impossible to get the fence tight to the ground in all areas so we have used fallen logs to block any gaps. If your dog is an "escape artist" or a "Houdini Hound", you are most welcome to schedule a time to come out and take a look first! Just send us an email to make arrangements!
  • Is Finnobi Forest similar to Sniffspot?
    Yes, Finnobi Forest is a safe, fully-fenced dog park and it will provide plenty of off leash enrichment! You and your dog(s) have the space to yourselves during your booked time. There is a 15 minute buffer between appointments to avoid crossover of bookings.


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