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I understand there is potential risk involved to myself, my guests, my dog(s) and my guests' dogs when using this facility at 103 Thymes Dr., Kinburn, ON including but not limited to the driveway, parking area, walkways, trails, forest play area, and natural obstacles. I understand that walking/playing surfaces are not level and may be slippery due to various weather conditions such as rain, snow and ice. I understand that at any time the forest may have naturally occurring hazards including but not limited to weeds, fungus, berries, acorns, vines, etc. that have the potential to be harmful to people and/or dogs.   I am aware that measures have been taken to secure the area with fencing, but that it is my responsibility to supervise my dog at all times and prevent them from attempting to escape. 

I am aware that measures have been taken to minimize the likelihood of other people or dogs arriving on the Finnobi Forest property during my visit, however I fully understand that there is no guarantee of 100% privacy during my visit. I understand that Finnobi Forest is not able to control the actions of the public or other clients or prevent them from arriving on the property during my booking.

By checking the box below I accept total responsibility for any and all injuries or damages of any kind to myself, my guests, my dog(s) and my guests' dogs which may result from any reason in the use of the facility. It is my intention and that of my guests to HOLD HARMLESS the Owner(s) for any injury sustained by myself, my guests, my dog(s), my guests' dogs or anyone else that I invite to the facility with me, regardless of cause, while using the facility.

I acknowledge that I have carefully read this release of liability / assumption of risk and understand its contents. I have shared these terms with any and all guests that will be joining me and they have acknowledged and agreed to the terms. I am aware that by checking the box below, I am waiving certain legal rights, including the right to sue the Owner(s) for any reason. 

I, and any guests that accompany me, accept the terms of the Liability Waiver

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