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All appointments may be canceled up to 3 hours prior to the scheduled visit time. All cancellations made within that time will be refunded, less a 5% admin fee.  If an appointment is canceled less than 3 hours prior to your time, there is no refund. (Exception: during inclement winter weather). 

In the event that Finnobi Forest needs to cancel your visit, we will reschedule your visit to a time that works for you. If that is not possible, we will provide a 100% refund.


All appointments may be rescheduled up until 3 hours prior to the scheduled visit time. Rescheduling is free of charge.  

In the event of inclement weather or poor conditions in the forest, we will reschedule your visit at any time leading up to the time of your visit and at no charge.  


Visitors may enter the parking area a maximum of 5 minutes prior to the scheduled visit time. We have created a buffer in our schedule to help with crossover of visits for those who have reactive, nervous, or frightened dogs, but your attention to time is important to help maintain this buffer.  

Visitors must park beside the sign which designates the parking spot for guests of Finnobi Forest.  Do not park anywhere else in the driveway. If you bring a guest, they can park directly behind you.


However, if another vehicle is in the designated parking spot, please remain in your vehicle and wait patiently on the side of the road for them to leave.  (Our street is a dead end, so there is very little traffic)

If the other vehicle remains parked longer than it should, please follow these steps: 

1. Check your email confirmation to ensure you are there on the correct date and at the correct time.
2. Call or text us at 613-983-4837 to inform us of the issue. If needed, we will assist in resolving the issue.


Keep your dog(s) on leash at all times, until you are securely inside the forest park area.


Please be prompt in exiting the parking area - ideally a maximum of 5 minutes after the end of the scheduled visit time. This is to ensure no crossover of visitors who may have dogs who have big feelings about other dogs or strange humans. 


1.  Pick up all poop or garbage or anything else that has been brought into the forest. 

2. Please do not bring any toys. 

3. Prevent your dog from injuring or killing any wildlife that may be present in the forest.

4. Prevent your dog from digging holes.

5. Use of tobacco, cannabis or alcohol is not permitted. 

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